Our test center is a professional laboratory which specializes in testing auto parts and auto rearview mirrors. Since its establishment in 2005, with the continuous efforts, JC lab owns a testing & office area that covers an area of 632m2 and possesses more than 50 sets of various devices, mainly including temperature & humidity test chambers, salt spray corrosion chambers, sand & dust chambers, rain-proof chambers, three-comprehensive vibrators, electric vibration systems, anechoic chambers, projectors, tool microscopes, three-coordinate measuring machine etc. There is a 10 persons' core team in this center, including 7 testers, all the team members have higher professional education degree and the corresponding qualified qualification and skills of testing operation.

        Since February 2011, JC has gained GP-10 accreditation from GM. The new project of power folder was accreditated in 2012. To assure the testing with scientificity, accuracy and impartiality, according to the relevant national laws, regulations, policies, we established and implemented the internal management system which covers the total quality management from different levels, including control, execution and supervision. Meanwhile, we fully control the factors that affect the test data, take the whole process of testing and other aspects involved as an organism, and systematically, harmoniously effectively control the factors such as technologies, personnel, resources, mutual contacts and relations of them, which may impact the testing quality. Through management reviews, internal and external audits, mutual validations, comparisons among labs, we identify and solve the problems in the operation of management systems which aim at its improving and perfecting, so as to make it adapt to the internal & external environment and operate effectively to provide us reliable and accurate data to meet the requirements inside and outside.