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Name/Model JCDEL-21002XXX
Operating voltage range DC (16.0~32.0)V
Operating voltage DC 24V
Running current Inom≤200mA
Stall current Islip≤500mA
Travel speed Horizontation:(3 Vertical: (3
Operating temperature range (-45~85)℃
Endurance test 8000 Electric cycles at (23±5)ºC ,;
2500 Electric cycles at (-40±5)ºC ,;
2500 Electric cycles at (80±5)ºC ,;
2000 Electric cycles at (40±5)℃,R.H=98%,
Manual torque 5
Effective torque 1.5
Travel angle Horizontation: (28±2)º
Vertical: (28±2)º
Noise level The value before assembly:<70dB(A) (24V)
The distance between sound meter and actuator is 1000mm
【Background noise≤40dB(A)】
Space angle Horizontation:2Y≤0.4°
Load capacity <1000g
Rated voltage ≤4.8W
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