Name/Model JCFES-21529101/102
Operating voltage range DC (9.0~16.5)V
Operating voltage DC (13.5±0.1)V
Running Current Inom≤650mA
Stall Current: Islip≤3200mA
Operating angular velocity ≥18°/s
At -40 ≥8°/s
Operating temperature range (-40~80)℃
Life Endurance Perform 6000 cycles at room temperature (23 + 2);
Perform 2000 cycles at low temperature (-40 + 2);
In the high temperature (80 + 2), the implementation of the 2000 cycle;
In the high temperature (40 + 5) C, R.H = 90%, the implementation of the 2000 cycle;
More than 3 times, a total of 36000 times the implementation of the cycle.
Manual torque (10.0~20.0)N·m
Electric torque >3.0N·m
Travel angle outside folding angle:≥80° inside folding angle:≥60°
Sound level Load noise value: < 55dB (A)
Load assembly noise value: < 65dB (A)
(DB meter distance electric folding device 500mm)
Load capacity ≤1200g